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A trip to the museum...
Posted by Brian on 10/13/2014
Last month Software Hardware Solutions had a conversation with Amanda Burns regarding the benefits of their Epson Stylus Pro printer. Amanda is the Store and Visitor Service's Director at Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa. The following is an excerpt of that conversation.

SHS - What prompted you to purchase an Epson printer?  

Amanda - We were hiring out the custom reproduction printing for the museum store. So, we decided to start printing in-house. By doing this we make a bigger profit to support the museum and we can use the printer for projects in education, exhibitions, rights and reproductions, etc. 

SHS - How often do you use your printer? and what do you normally print?  

Amanda - We use the printer on a weekly basis to print reproductions for the store and images for the education and exhibitions. Our IT guy does all of the printing so he usually saves up the jobs for a weekly mass printing.

SHS - Have you had any issues with the printer? 

Amanda - No.  Not to date.

SHS - Is it hard to print to the device? Pretty straightforward and ease to use? Is it easy to maintain? 

Amanda - Once you get the hang of printing, itís pretty easy.  The hardest thing for us is changing out the canvas to paper.  Those canvas rolls can get heavy.

SHS - What do you consider the top 3 benefits of doing the printing yourself?  

Amanda - 1. You have all the control. 2. You can print it when itís needed. 3. Profit

SHS - What is the biggest benefit the Epson printer has provided?  

Amanda - The higher return on the profits.

SHS - Have you had any color management issues with the device?  

Amanda - Weíve had to calibrate the paper/canvas when weíve switched. Also, thereís been times the coloring has been a bit off but itís fairly easy to tweak. 

Thanks for the feedback Amanda!  

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